Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rewards Lead to Proper Pet Care

The secret to proper pet grooming at home is a reward system. All pets love treats, and when a treat is offered just before and after a nail trimming, it goes along way to making those pet nail trimming sessions much easier, safer, faster, and more enjoyable for yourself and your pet.

Associative conditioning is crucial for new pets and pets that have been traumatized by past grooming sessions. It also creates a bond with your pet that can be carried over to other parts of your owner-pet relationship. By using this system of conditioning your pet with a positive experience after a nail trimming encounter, you will now be able to show the treats in advance and your pet will already know what is coming, and be ready and waiting for there next pet nail trimming.

Keep the rewards pure and positive so your pet gets a high quality healthy treat in the process. Pet treats loaded with omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants will help maintain healthy skin and coat, as well as go a long way to prevent cancer by helping control a healthy metabolism and overall cellular health. At home dog grooming does not have to be difficult, and with a positive rewards system in place, you can turn a grooming session into a bonding session.

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Bernice said...

It's a nice way to encourage owners for pet care.