Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why You Should Grind Instead of Clip

How many of us put off trimming our dog's nails during a dog grooming session because of the stress of dog nail clipping tools or the time-consuming event of a day at the vets or groomer? Nail care is an essential part of your dog's comfort and proper care. If your dog's nails touch the floor or you can hear the nails "click" as your pet walks, your pet is due for a trim. Overgrown nails can cause a variety of problems from deformed feet (splayed toes), hip and back problems, to torn nails. A dog with splayed toes from nail overgrowth will find it uncomfortable to put their full body weight on their feet. Just walking can then be a painful experience. For the pet parent, overgrown nails can cause painful scratches and damage to hardwood floors and furniture.

Using a dog nail clipper is a stressful event for pet parent and professional alike. Due to the anatomy of the dog's nail, dog nail clippers are an incorrect method of trimming an animal's nail. Inside the nail there are sensitive nerves and blood vessels called the "quick." Cuts with a dog nail clipper are blind and inaccurate causing injury. Even when the quick is not cut, the pressure from the blades pinches down on the sensitive nerves causing sharp pain. Dog nail clippers split and crush the nail leaving it jagged and rough. As the blades of the dog nail clipper become increasingly dull, the problem gets worse. Dogs develop negative reactions ranging from nervous to completely terrified of having their nails cut. Some dogs even have fearful associations with having their paws handled because of the dog nail clipper.

The popularity of rotary tool use for dog nail grooming has grown tremendously in the last decade. Large companies have marketed rotary tools specifically for the pet industry. The benefits of filing over clipping have made the rotary tool trend a hit for professional groomers, vets, dog show enthusiasts, and many pet parents. Filing mimics nature's process of dog nail removal and thus is the correct way to trim a dog's nails. Painless filing removes enamel in controlled thin increments. This gives the user much more control because it eliminates the danger of taking off too much at one time. Thus, gauging the quick is made easy. Moreover, filing the nail leaves it much smoother and you can shape it to a rounded finish. Regular and proper use of the rotary tool will actually recede the quick and make your future dog nail grooming sessions that much easier.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cold Weather Protection for Your Dog’s Feet

With winter upon us we need make sure that we go the extra mile to protect our dog’s feet throughout the cold months. While extra blankets for bedding, and sweaters and jackets for small or short/no haired dogs is second nature to most dog owners, protection your dogs feet tends to be forgotten about. Dog grooming should start with a toe nail clipping even if that is all you do.

If your dog will allow them, consider foot protection booties. With well groomed nails this can keep your dog’s feet safe from harm, such as dangerous objects hidden by the snow or salt on roads and walk ways. Additionally, booties can help give your dog a better grip and prevent slipping on ice.

Pet grooming is crucial during the winter months. Your dogs nails can become even more brittle and splintered due to the extreme temperatures, so keeping them cleaned up will ensure a healthy winter for your dog.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Gifts for your Pets

With the holidays just around the corner don’t forget about shopping for your pets. Ranging from innovative toys and delicious treats to dog grooming supplies and must-have pet accessories, there are a plethora of options out there when it comes to finding that perfect gift for both you and you pet.

Of course the Peticure nail grooming system is an ideal holiday gift, and with a holiday price of on $14.95 now is the best time to make the switch to a the first and foremost at-home nail grooming kit. For all of our customers who have already purchased and appreciate what the Peticure nail grooming system has done for you, now is the time to purchase one for a loved one and show them how easy, efficient, and cost-effective it can be to have a Peticure.

Pet grooming over the holidays may not be the first thing on everyone’s mind, but the Peticure is a gift that the recipient will appreciate after just the first session and get use out of all year round. Once they see how fast and easy it can be to use, they will be thanking you for introducing them to the pet nail grinding option. And remember, don’t settle for a cheap knock-off, always go with the Peticure brand for all your pet grooming options.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Treat Makes Pet Grooming Even Easier

Here at Peticure, the nation’s leading direct-to-consumer pet grooming tool, we have developed a new treat to make pet grooming even easier. The Peticure Pure and Positive Wild Alaskan Salmon Puffs used as a healthy reward system for grooming adds a healthy and tasty reward for what before the Peticure system was a painful and fearful experience for dogs and cats.

The Peticure Pure and Positive Wild Alaskan Salmon Puffs are designed to help replace the stress and fear of grooming with an ongoing reward system. Associative conditioning is especially important for new pets or any pets that have been traumatized by past grooming experience.

The Peticure Pure and Positive Wild Alaskan Salmon Puffs include Omega-3 essential fatty acids from wild, non-farmed Alaskan salmon, natural blueberries, cranberries and sweet potatoes. It is the healthiest and tastiest dog treat on the market. Omega-3 essential fatty acids creates healthier skin and coats, boosts the immune system, supports healthy metabolism and is a natural anti-inflammatory. The antioxidants promote cellular health and also help prevent cancer. It is also rich in probiotics to help support a healthy immune system and cellular health.

All of us here at Peticure have made it our goal to make dog grooming easier and safer to do at home. The new Peticure Pure and Positive is another reason to go with the trusted brand of Peticure and not a cheap imitation.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dog Nail Grinding Options

We all know that cutting your dogs nails is not the best option when it comes to dog grooming. Issues with cutting the quick and the pain that goes along with that potential hazard has lead us to a more appropriate way, grinding. But there are still options when it comes to grinding. Here are a few bad ones, and a good.

Listen up all Sally’s shoppers; nail files for humans are not meant to be used on dogs. They are not durable enough, and not the correct shape to efficiently grind down a dogs nail. Even the metal “diamond” files will not do the trick. And god forbid you go to such lengths as using duct tape and sand paper. You laugh, but people do it!

A Dremel tool has been the standard for professional and at-home pet grooming for years. The tool is just short of being a perfect fit. It grinds the nails, quickly, safely, and efficiently (one rotary head can last for years). However the one area that the Dremel falls short in is the exposed rotary. Don’t forget that this tool was originally created to grind and cut down nails, screws, woodwork, etc. In order to make it a safe product for dog nail grinding you need a safety guard attached to the rotary end of the product, similar to that of the Peticure. This allows only the dogs nails to enter the rotary chamber and nothing else.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rewards Lead to Proper Pet Care

The secret to proper pet grooming at home is a reward system. All pets love treats, and when a treat is offered just before and after a nail trimming, it goes along way to making those pet nail trimming sessions much easier, safer, faster, and more enjoyable for yourself and your pet.

Associative conditioning is crucial for new pets and pets that have been traumatized by past grooming sessions. It also creates a bond with your pet that can be carried over to other parts of your owner-pet relationship. By using this system of conditioning your pet with a positive experience after a nail trimming encounter, you will now be able to show the treats in advance and your pet will already know what is coming, and be ready and waiting for there next pet nail trimming.

Keep the rewards pure and positive so your pet gets a high quality healthy treat in the process. Pet treats loaded with omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants will help maintain healthy skin and coat, as well as go a long way to prevent cancer by helping control a healthy metabolism and overall cellular health. At home dog grooming does not have to be difficult, and with a positive rewards system in place, you can turn a grooming session into a bonding session.

Monday, October 6, 2008

4 Steps to Better Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is an essential part of pet care. Aside from making your pet look better, it also makes them feel better. Take the time to maintain your dog or cat and it will contribute to a longer more fulfilling relationship. Here are a few tips for keeping your pet happy, healthy, and good looking.

Coat – bathe your pet at least once a month and make sure to brush them thoroughly before each bath to eliminate any mats that have formed. Also, brush your pet everyday beginning at an early age. This helps spread natural oils throughout the coat and prevents the skin from getting irritated from dirt buildup.

Nails – trim your pet’s nails about once a month, or as needed. Most professionals use a filing system like the Peticure. It gently files away layers of your pets nails without the risk of harming the quick. Dog grooming has never been so easy with a tool like this.

Teeth – brushing your pets teeth at least twice a week will help avoid periodontal disease and cavities. Make sure and use a small brush with soft bristles as to avoid harming your pet’s gums in the process.

Ears - as with your own ears, when cleaning your pets ears do not probe deep into the ear canal. Simple take a cotton ball with a little mineral oil and gently use it to clean the opening into the canal. Doing this twice a month will ensure your pets ears stay pain free and hearing good.